Friday, July 2, 2010


Today, I got the wonderful privilege of taking a dear friend's family pictures. It was technically my first family photo shoot & it was so much fun. I hadn't seen Koran for two years (she informed me of this fact). We met in high school at good ol' Southridge. Well, actually that isn't quite true. If I'm correct, we really first met the summer before our freshman year. On the basketball court of the SHS gym. There we battled to show what we had. I think we would battle the years to come as well. I vividly remember being at basketball camp the summer before our sophomore year, sharing a room, & emotions were high. Inevitably, Koran & I fought...with just words, but it was a pivotal point in our friendship to say the least. I don't remember how things were mended, but all I care about is that we had & we are still friends now years after graduating. One of a handful I can really say that about. That's when you really know when you'll be friends forever. Atleast, I hope we will. She is so great. I can't believe she is married & a mother of two! My friend is a married women with two's strange to be at that age that my friends can be married with kids & careers. I feel behind. Not that I'm want to rush anything though! Definitely not. But nonetheless, strange. It was great to meet her little family, Nathan (her husband), beautiful energic Paiton, & handsome little man Richard. Here's a peek of our fun time down in the Columbia Park. Koran was smart & incorporated 4th of July.

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  1. these are gooood! i LOVE the editing..the color is great and the picture of the little girl being a big sissy melts my heart. :)