Friday, April 9, 2010

A Little Piece of My Heart

Loved by God's Whole Heart.

Kimbo, Africa.

I was there in Africa almost two months ago now. I believe a little piece of me has never left. It probably never will. Every time I look at pictures or hear certain songs or wear the scarf given to me, my heart aches.

All sorts of aches.

Aches of 'gosh I can't believe I got to go'.
Aches of 'my goodness I loved it so much'.
Aches of 'I love it still'.
Aches of 'missing it and everyone there'.
Aches of 'when can I go back'.

And aches of the most prominent 'I have to go back'.

Its been said before I'm sure just in different words about different things.

I went to impart yet was imparted to in the process. I went to touch yet was touched. I went to bless yet was blessed far more. I went to teach yet was taught.

I went with a mission. I went to tell people The Good News. To reach people. To extend hope. To love people.

Yet I will be forever changed by the love that was shown to I and the others with me by the people of Kimbo.

Look at the faces of those who have changed my life forever. Look at the faces that have been through things at ages we couldn't imagine. Look at the faces that continue to love and have hope even in the midst of struggle and poverty. Look at the faces God loves with all His heart.

The Beloved Image beginning.

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